5 Ways to Get Involved

Help one of the best pro-life charities defend the most vulnerable.

1. Be an Expert
Get exclusive updates and top pro-life stories delivered to your inbox; visit Live Action News for daily, breaking news; and check out our resources for a collection of helpful pro-life websites, fact sheets, video downloads, and graphics you can share.
2. Be a Friend
Connect with us on social media and invite your friends to join the movement to protect the preborn.
3. Be an Ambassador
Share our videos with your social networks so that your friends — and their friends…and their friends … and their friends (you get the idea) — can learn the truth about abortion.
4. Be an Advocate
Sign our petition calling to end the taxpayer funding of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. After you sign, send the petition to five friends.
5. Be a Life Defender
Our monthly giving partners make our daily work on behalf of the preborn possible. With a minimum donation of $5 per month, you can become a committed Life Defender. We will update you regularly on the impact you are making in this fight to defend the preborn.