Our right to life movement reaches millions of people.

With the largest online presence in the pro-life movement, Live Action reaches millions of people each month with our eye-opening and life-saving content.

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We Educate
We publish one of the most widely read news sites on pro-life issues.

Live Action News reports daily on stories the mainstream media often refuses to cover — including exposés of the abortion industry and stories revealing the dignity and humanity of preborn children — inspiring our readers to defend the most vulnerable within their communities.

Abortion Procedures Videos
Live Action’s groundbreaking “Abortion Procedures” videos and website are changing minds, saving lives, and transforming pro-life education.
Induction Abortion
Abortion Pills
Aspiration Abortion
D&E Abortion

The videos feature a former abortionist describing each of the four most prevalent abortion procedures, accompanied by medical animations. The four-minute videos have been translated into multiple languages and shared over half a million times to become the most-viewed pro-life videos in history, with over 50 million views.

"I have been in the pro-life movement over 30 years and Live Action is one of the most effective pro-life organizations I have seen to show the truth about abortion to the public."

- Marie M.
We Investigate
Our hard-hitting investigations expose the lies, abuses, and coverups of the abortion industry.

Since 2007, our undercover investigations have uncovered the abortion industry providing sex-selective abortions of preborn girls, covering up the sexual abuse of minors and sex-trafficking, accepting racially-motivated donations, disseminating medical misinformation, and participating in infanticide and other wrongs towards women and children.

We Inspire + Activate

Macro social movements begin at the micro level by changing the hearts and minds of individuals.

Live Action is exposing abortion for the grave human rights violation that it is, and we are creating an environment where life is the top human rights priority for our local and national leaders. We mobilize activists and give them the tools and resources they need to educate their own communities about the right to life.

Join 3 million friends and supporters with pro-life views on social media