Our work is saving lives and mobilizing communities.

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Live Action uses the power of storytelling, investigative journalism, and visual media to lead the national conversation on the rights of the preborn.

Our work is saving lives, supporting legislative efforts to protect preborn children, and inspiring millions of people to educate their communities, with the truth about abortion.

We have the largest social media following in the pro-life movement.

Every week — through our compelling videos, engaging social media posts, and Live Action News stories — we give millions of Americans encounters with the humanity of the preborn, and expose the horrific human rights abuses committed by the abortion industry.

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Changing Minds
If you only had four minutes to change someone’s mind about abortion, what would you do?

We took this challenge — and our Abortion Procedures videos — to the streets, and the results were astounding.


Saving Lives
We celebrate every changed mind, but there’s nothing quite so sweet as hearing about the children’s lives saved because their mothers learned the truth about abortion and chose life. 13 babies have been saved through Live Acton's media content.
“I just want to say thank you for everything you do. I wanted an abortion and came across your videos and IMMEDIATELY changed my mind. I am now the mother of a beautiful baby girl…Again, thank you so much!” - Heather


Our videos and investigative research have been used in support of multiple congressional testimonies and bills to protect the preborn.


Live Action President Lila Rose has presented our findings in addresses to the European Parliament and the United Nations’ annual Commission on the Status of Women.


A national survey of pro-choice women who viewed one of Live Action’s Abortion Procedures videos demonstrated that nearly a third (32%) admitted the video caused them to view abortion “less favorably,” and 30% said there should be more restrictions on abortion.


Using social media, we reach people right where they are — at school, work, home, out and about — and inspire and activate them to defend the most vulnerable in our society.

Changing the World
When people see the truth about abortion, their minds change. And changed minds change the world.

We reach women considering abortion. But we don’t stop there — we reach their partners, friends, sisters, teachers, and co-workers — because abortion is rarely a decision made in complete isolation.

When we share the truth about abortion, people are empowered to not only value and protect the lives of their own preborn children, but offer life-affirming alternatives and support to friends and loved ones who are facing an abortion decision.

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